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We have wide range of products & Solutions

Our efficiently equipped range of products cater to the requirements from
diversified segments of the industry.

The input materials we are capable of handling are – Polyester, BOPP, Foil, Polythene, Paper and Metallised films. The laminates could be designed by combining two or more of the above materials, depending upon the end use additionally offering versatile barrier combinations.

  • Reverse Printed PET/BOPP with Metalised/ Plain/Opaque HS BOPP
  • Reverse Printed BOPP with Metalised PET/POLY
  • Reverse Printed PET with Metalised POLY
  • Reverse Printed PET with POLY
  • Reverse Printed PET with FOIL & POLY
  • Surface Printed POLY
  • Surface/Reverse Printed BOPP or PVC
  • Reverse Printed PET with Natural or Metalised CPP
  • Surface Printed Paper with FOIL & POLY
  • Surface Printed Paper with Metalised CPP

DISCLAIMER : The product images shown are for illustration purpose only and may not be an exact representation of the product.

We provide integrated packaging solutions for the following:

  • Food & Snack Industry
  • Tea, Coffee, Dairy Products
  • Soap, Shampoo & Detergents
  • Spices & Ready Mixed Foods
  • Edible & Industrial Oils
  • Chocolates & Confectioneries
  • Beverages / Liquid Concentrates
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Pet Care Segment
  • Pesticides & Agricultural Segment
  • Contraceptive Wrap
  • Other FMCG Products